We are at this point. Again...

PLTTS started at as a side-project and still is one. I am leading an agency called Kreativgebiet and also need to do some other private stuff in my free time, but PLTTS will eventually be updated soon for you to get more awesome.

I must admit, that there was an issue with the server and all the user data gots lost. The server wasn’t build for such an awesome crowd and so many database entries. I was using MongoDB - what I will never use again for that purpose - and the server got cluttered and unresponsive. I don’t know how this could cause the deletion of the MongoDB data.

So, if you are honestly interested in PLTTS anymore, please enter your details in the form below, again, so I can add you to the new database as soon as the new version of PLTTS is ready. Be sure to stay tuned while following @plttsme on Twitter or subscribe to updates via newsletter.

Really sad to tell you this - and that all favorites are gone too, but now it’s non-revertable.

Additionally, if you want to make the timeline a little bit straighter and to support the costs for the upcoming servers, I am accepting donations.

Yours sincerly, Nick

Donate for servers, though (via PayPal)